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  • Tijd voor de Betekeniseconomie


    Oneindige economische groei als oplossing voor alles? Individuele hebzucht als belangrijkste menselijke drijfveer? Bedrijven die ten koste van alles winst moeten maken? Dit boek vertelt je een ander verhaal over onze economie.

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  • Barriers and Best Practices for the Circular Economy

    In this publication, SMO Promovendi try to understand the current status of the transition to a circular economy in the Netherlands and the steps that need to be taken to speed up this process. They identify the most important barriers that stakeholders – academia, businesses and government – are currently facing in their transition toward a circular system, as well as their best practices with respect to this transition.

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  • Gene therapy, the future cure for all diseases, but can we really afford it?

    Unlike a pill-a-day to treat symptoms, gene therapy is a type of experimental medical treatment that actually “fixes” faulty DNA, curing a patient almost instantly. Even more important, a patient is likely to be treated only once. As this is such a different way to treat disease, this will likely disrupt healthcare systems and pharmaceutical company business models at a fundamental level.

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