Investment Risks of Circular Business Models

The Circular Economy is doing a great job at changing the way we think about the production of goods and services. You may argue it is a promising concept to invest in. After all, green is the future. And yet, they’re not getting any traction among the big players in the investment world. Why is that? Why are banks, venture capitalists or angel investors not willing to invest in circular business models? Let’s dig more into it.

SMO Promovendi is a multidisciplinary and international group of young, independent, and ambitious researchers from different universities who aim to apply their academic knowledge and skills in order to help solve wicked societal challenges together with SMO. We believe that the transition to a circular economy is essential for a more sustainable and better future. By providing the latest academic insights in the main challenges and opportunities in this transition and by organising research based innovation challenges, we aim to expand and improve the general knowledge and adoption of Circular Economy practices.

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Gepubliceerd 15/10/2019
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