Open here the Promovendi Track Record for an overview of what the SMO Promovendi have achieved in the last three years. Below you will find short descriptions of the most important achievements.

An impression of De Medewerkersdialoog workshop.

De Medewerkersdialoog (Employee Engagement Program)

De Medewerkersdialoog was initially developed by SMO Promovendi to help employees in the healthcare sector become fit for the future. Especially healthcare professionals see their work environment change rapidly as a result of growing personnel shortages, changing care recipients and increasing use of technology. These developments demand a different set of skills and competencies. During the program, we create awareness of these new demands, initiate a dialogue between employees and their managers and help them take the first concrete steps towards sustainable employability.

The first pilot of De Medewerkersdialoog was in April 2016 and since then it is organized in 15 healthcare organizations. Due to the success in the healthcare sector, we now offer the program in other sectors as well. The program provides a clear method for any organization that would like to prepare its employees for the future. The goal of the program? To create an efficient organization and sustainably employable professionals. Please check out for more information and click here for a video impression (in Dutch)!


The winner of the Pitch Battle and Founder of Dopper, Merijn Everaarts, at the Circular Minds Conference 2018.

Circular Minds Conference

How do we speed up the transition circular economy? The SMO Promovendi studied the answer to this question and shared their findings during the Circular Minds Conference 2018.

This unique event is organized for the third time this year and brought together entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, scientists and sustainability experts. The SMO Promovendi inspired participants to learn and collaborate on topics like plastic reduction and recycling of waste. Many prominent keynote speakers shared their expertise during the Circular Minds Conference 2018. One of them was Merijn Everaarts, the founder of Dopper. Thanks to the participation of partners such as RebelGroup, New Marble, KIDV, Dopper, Tebodin, C2C Institute, Circle Economy, KPMG, Erasmus University and TU Delft, this event was a great success!

The research of the SMO Promovendi on the circular economy was translated into this book: Circular Economy Wat? Waarom? Hoe? containing a variety of essays. 3000 copies were sold and a 2nd Edition was published. The most recent publication of the SMO Promovendi is Barriers and Best Practices for the Circular Economy and is published at the Circular Minds Conference 2018.


Edith Schippers, former Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport shares a personal video message for the participants of the Zorg41 Summit.

Zorg41 SUMMIT & Health Innovation Challenge

“If we embrace progress in healthcare together, we have more time for caring for each other – The Zorg41 Summit is an initiative of SMO Promovendi in collaboration with Zorginstituut Nederland and the municipality of Rotterdam.

During the second edition of the Zorg41 Summit, innovative stakeholders explored future-proof healthcare systems. SMO Promovendi demonstrated their commitment in finding sustainable solutions related to healthcare. 220 stakeholders from hospitals, health insurers, healthcare technology companies and informal healthcare organizations thought about ways to create a sustainable healthcare system. By means of four future scenarios, they developed several action points.

To ensure that their findings didn’t go to waste, the SMO Promovendi developed the Health Innovation Challenge in collaboration with Erasmus Center of Entrepreneurship. The main purpose of the Health Innovation Challenge was to stimulate health innovation through actual realization and implementation of validated solutions in the healthcare sector. Four partners (Maasstad Hospital, Trauma Center SWN, the municipality of Rotterdam and Erasmus Medical Center) designed challenges describing current issues in the healthcare sector; these were then solved by the participants of the Health Innovation Challenge. All four partners committed to starting a pilot project with the winning entrepreneurs. Check out for more information.