Start op: 13 Mar 2018 om 13:00 tot 17:00 Aantal plaatsen: 100

Location: Aula Congress Center – TU Delft

Transition Through People


SMO Promovendi believes a transition to a circular economy will be a transition through people. But for that transition to happen, people will need to connect. At the Circular Minds Conference, we bring together stakeholders from a wide variety of backgrounds (entrepreneurs, policy makers, investors, scientists and students, to name a few) to learn about the latest academic insights and best and worst practices from the field, work together in Idea Generator Sessions, and network with stakeholders from now and the future.

Let’s do it together!

The Circular Minds Conference is a unique event organised for entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, scientists and sustainability experts. Together with partners such as RebelGroup, New Marble, KIDV, Dopper, Tebodin, C2C Institute, Circle Economy, KPMG, Erasmus University and TU Delft, we inspire participants to learn, collaborate and connect.

The transition will happen through people. Meet them.


12:30  Welcome

13:00  Keynotes

14:00  Presentation SMO Promovendi research

14:30  Idea generation session

17:00  Research-based network event




Helen Toxopeus
Impact Centre Erasmus

Merijn Everaarts
Founder of Dopper


Hester Klein Lankhorst
Director Kennisinstituut Duurzaam Verpakken

Idea generation sessions


Session 1 : Kitchen-as-a-service

How can we regain materials from buildings? And how should we work together in the chain?In this session, industry professionals, academics and young professionals will work on possible solutions to come up with a business model to offer kitchen as a service and to make the materials used in the building of a kitchen circular. Participants will experience an innovative “walk in each others’ shoes format”, in which the question will be answered from different perspectives in the supply chain, creating mutual understanding and insight.

Session 2 : Triple Value Proposition

A Triple Value Proposition is central in getting a circular production chain financed. In this session, participants get insight and learn about a 360 degree business models, focusing on different perspectives. The case that is central is CoffeeBased of VerdraaidGoed. CoffeeBased creates makes coffee ground useful again by making new products. Participants will work on a pitch to persuade investors from an environmental, social and financial perspective, thereby learning to deal with possible tensions between the perspectives and creating optimal value.

Session 3 : Closing the loop

How do we stimulate consumer engagement in closing the material loop for used plastics? In this session participants are offered an opportunity to work on a specific case where the cooperation of consumers is essential in creating a circular production chain: the recycling and reusing of Dopper bottles. Participants of the workshop compete in mixed teams to formulate a strategy to enable consumer cooperation in plastic recycling. In this session we will adopt a three generation principle: we intend to mix students, professionals and senior persons. Each team will pitch their strategy to an expert panel and a live voting audience who will ultimately decide the winner!

Session 4 : Dragons’ Den

This session actively engages investors and innovators to find shared solutions in the transition towards the circular economy. It seeks to facilitate the mutual understanding and communication between circular start-ups and mainstream investors and, ultimately, to unlock the financial value-creation potential of circular practices. The session is divided in two parts. In the first one, start-ups and investors are offered personalized sessions; in the second one, they come together to give birth to an exciting Dragons’ Den Session. Public is welcome to the session and will have the opportunity to interact with the start-ups and vote for their favorite one.


Accessibility and Parking

If you are coming by public transport, take the train or bus to Delft Central Station.The following buses travel between Delft Central Station and the Aula on the TU Delft campus.

Bus 69: get off at bus stop “TU Aula”
Bus 40 : get off at bus stop “TU Aula”
Bus 55: get off at bus stop “TU Aula”

If you are coming by car the Aula is easily accessible via the A13, exit Delft/Pijnacker and exit Delft Zuid/TU-wijk. You can find a parking lot at the rear of the Aula/Library (van der Waalsweg). Click on this link to open it in Google Maps.





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