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Reserve now: Getting all the motives right – Driving ICR to the next level

Prof. Rob van Tulder,

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This book and its content:  from trade-offs to leadership challenges

Companies do not have the luxury to wait and see. They have to deal with two sides of the discourse on international sustainability at the same time:

The ‘cloud’: the popular side of the discourse, which includes narratives, best-practices, worst-practices, moral judgement, skepticism, impressions, ideologies, hopes, trust gaps and (dis)illusions. The popular side of the discourse is extremely important as it defines the context in which companies have to operate. But this discourse gets ‘clouded’ with biases, a confusing use of concepts, superficial observations and (often dominantly negative) ‘frames’ that obscures a proper discussion.

The ‘ground’: representing the ‘hard side’ of the discourse on sustainability, the analysis, the choices that have to be made. Most of the time they represent difficult, if not impossible, trade-offs between a large number of issues that have to be tackled simultaneously. What to do, what to focus on and at what pace to take action?

Expected publication date is mid April, want to receive the first batch? Make your reservation through this link. Publication costs 19.95 excluding VAT.

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